Covid-19 Can’t Stop Us : Emerging Thai Creations from a Crisis

Covid-19 Can’t Stop Us : Emerging Thai Creations from a Crisis


There’s no denying that COVID-19 has impacted the world in so many ways but there are some great things coming through as well.  Powerful ideas can pierce darkness.. creativity shines through in a crisis, here are some examples of emerging Thai creations that are on our watch list!

♦ Craft Alive!
5IVE SIS – is a legendary meet of craft and creativity that brings pewter to life with a unique identity. We love their signature range of wine glasses that turn into great home décors and can even be used in a game of chess!

♦ Sustainable fashion with serious style
Bangkok-based label, RENIM PROJECT, reflects sustainable reconstruction designs of high fashion. REMADE / REDUCE / REDESIGN – the mission is to create menswear through the reborn of vintage. It’s responsible fashion with serious style and we absolutely love it.

♦ Everyday essentials made extraordinary

COSMOS & HARMONY is an everyday personal care and toiletry essential brand inspired by nature and culture. The product range covers a wide spectrum of natural wellness and is always environment friendly. A must have is ‘Its Ease Up with Style’ soap collection, inspired by Thai culture that comes in 3 fabulous scents – Thai perfume (Nam Ob Thai), Thai boxing (Muay Thai) and Hermit Self-stretched (Wat Po inspired).



♦ Local chic, eco living

KORAKOT’s inspiration comes directly from its surroundings. Works of art are created with the use of natural materials such as bamboos and hemp ropes using a traditional technique of kite-making passed on from generation to generation. It’s eco-chic at its best.

♦ Ready.. Steady.. Eat
Bangkok, known as the world’s street food capital is where it all began. GRAB THAI GO will take you on an authentic Thai street food journey in the most convenient way.  In Thailand, you can get food everywhere and you don’t need to be very wealthy to eat well which is what GRAB THAI GO promises to deliver through their food creations that is made super easy and accessible. Thai food cravings, anyone?


These are just a few creations that we are loving from Thailand. Don’t miss out – discover more at THAIGROOVE.COM

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