De-stress Thai style : Fun Remedies You Can Start Right Now

De-stress Thai style : Fun Remedies You Can Start Right Now


Thais are one of the happiest people on the planet. Friendly, fun, passionate and all round pretty cool. Despite the stresses of modern life, most Thais manage to stay cool and happy. What’s the secret behind these citizens of cool? Let’s sneak into some everyday de-stress remedies you can try right now.

Sniff your way to cool
Most Thais will carry these little so called “Sniffers”. They are meant to cool you down and refresh your senses in any situation.

They’re light, affordable and very effective. Don’t leave home without them.


Stress-melting massages

Thai massages are legendary. The art goes back thousands of years and even today, you will not find many Thais who go without getting a massage every now and then. With serious skills and techniques, getting deep into the muscle tissue and pressure points, Thai massages are a sure way to melt away your stress.

Fabulous facials and skin routines
Thai beauty remedies also date back into a deep-rooted cultural heritage. And now, combined with the latest innovation and technology, Thailand offers new skin routines and fabulous facials like no other.  When the face feels good, you feel good.

Splendid spas
The spa culture in Thailand is second to none. Combined with the fact that the country offers best-in-class from-the-heart service, it has made Thailand a splendid world-renowned spa haven that guarantees to strip away stress with real indulgence.

Cool down drinks

When it gets hot, as it often does in Thailand, cool down drinks are your go-to remedies. From Thai teas to herbal teas and juices galore,  a wide variety of cool down drinks will fix any stressful situation.

Food & family
After a long stressful day, for most Thais, enjoying a meal with the family is the highlight of the day. With food-sharing a big part of the culture, the meals are always tasty and full of variety. Nothing beats stress like a full and happy stomach.

Live life with a sense of humour
Last but not least on our list, is the Thai sense of humor. Thais love to have fun and do not take themselves too seriously. Being open, optimistic and very importantly, seeing life through a lens of humor really helps.


For more inspirations on Thai style destress…

♦ Sniff your way to cool
check out Siang Pure & Peppermint field  and other sniffer brands

♦ Stress-melting massages, Fabulous facials and skin routines, Splendid spas
check out Erb, Panpuri, Satira and other spa brands

♦ Cool down drinks
check out Ranong Tea, Coco Thumb, etc.

♦ Food & family
check out
Wel-B, Mama, and etc.

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