Dreaming of Thailand : 9 Things to Dream of While We’re Apart

Dreaming of Thailand : 9 Things to Dream of While We’re Apart


Hello world from Thailand… we miss you! We hope you are all keeping safe and staying healthy and would like to take this opportunity to send good vibes from Thailand to you! Meanwhile, with what’s going on and travel restrictions still in place, here are 9 things to dream of while we’re apart.

♦ Dreaming of getting lost in nature. Thailand’s natural wonders are truly a wanderlust’s paradise. From beaches, the mountains, waterfalls and rivers, there is so much to explore.

♦ Dreaming of Thai street food. Legendary Thai food is always calling out to you. The variety is endless and the tastes vivid and makes you feel alive.

♦ Dreaming of arts and crafts. Craft is everywhere in Thailand from the temples and palaces, to everyday objects and even beautiful carved food. There’s no denying, craft adds soul to everyday living.

♦ Dreaming of a skin glow. Thailand is full of beauty secrets and wellness innovations alike. From local beauty brands to the most advanced beauty inventions, you’ll always find impressive new ways to get the glow!

♦ Dreaming of some serious relaxation. Feeling a bit stiff and stressed out? Exceptional spas and Thai style pampering treats are very much on top of our dream list.

♦ Dreaming of a Muay Thai workout. The spirit of Muay Thai is alive and kicking and we can’t wait to get back into action!

♦ Dreaming of shopping till you drop. Bangkok’s shopping is truly spectacular. There’s simply everything from high fashion to street fashion, from international brands to local jewels, from handicrafts and innovative designs.

♦ Dreaming of exploring the beautiful temples. The land of spectacular temples… the very best of Thai culture is often showcased through these spiritual architectures that are not only a feast to the eyes but also for the soul.

♦ Dreaming of the exotic tastes of Thai fruits. Year round and seasonal exotic fruits are a must to truly appreciate the tastes of Thailand. Juicy, tasty and simply out of this world.

While we’re apart, check out…

DOITUNG – with its natural vibes, tribal-inspired and Slow Fashion approach to style, it’ll get you ready for some serious wanderlust vibes.

MAEPRANOM – with authentic Thai sauces, pastes and delicious cooking aides, you can master your own Thai food creations in no time.

SUMPHAT GALLERY – The creative touch of Thai designs will take you into the new realm of crafts and designs.

GIFFARINE – this world class skincare brand offers great skin solutions with exceptional quality.

ERB – royal Thai indulgence approach to wellness and relaxation is pretty amazing.

CAPSIKA GEL – after a Muay Thai workout or any workout, do away with muscle pains with this sensational relief gel.

JUTATIP – go out shopping in style with these wide brim hand knitted hats.

PASAYA – this great fabric brand now has a very cool range of face masks to get you out and about while keeping safe and sound way.

WEL-B – enjoy delicious natural freeze-dried fruits from Thailand including the king of Fruits – Durian.

More to discover – check out THAIGROOVE.COM.

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