Let’s make it PURPOSEFULLY

Let’s make it PURPOSEFULLY


We depend on the Earth’s precious resources to sustain life. The gradual toll on nature in the form of climate change that comes with human advancement is making an impact in all aspects of society. Fortunately, bright minds and effective campaigns are leading the way in urging businesses to be environmentally and socially responsible while utilizing the resources that we all rely on, fighting these diverse and increasingly commonplace environmental issues.

Today, it’s just not feasible to construct a brand identity without establishing its sustainable and eco-centric position. It’s no longer possible for a consumer to take interest in a brand without considering its environmental footprint. We hope that all the products in this collection will act to communicate your own environmental position in their unique and attractive ways and with environmentally sustainable features.

Given the right mindset and with emerging technology, there is no shortage of “green” methods for production, material sourcing, and the packaging of products for any given brand. It’s been proven many times over that these methods and ideas can be environmentally sustainable and profitable, offering a “win-win” outcome for both brand makers and our natural world. This collection speaks volumes but take the planet and communities seriously. One such brand maker is EGGWHITE, an urban-oriented brand committed to producing contemporary minimalist furniture for the limited spaces of city-dwellers that uses locally sourced and sustainable rubber wood for all their creations. Another creator is DHAMMADA GARDEN, the maker of repurposed, yet chic multipurpose bags and notebooks. The rebirth of sack and paper has never looked so stylish and practical! And don’t forget to do your part and check out WISHULADA, who recycles fashion industry waste fabric to create vibrant rag bags and presents consciously and colorfully bold exhibitions of art pieces made from actual trash.

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