Since the world was rocked by Covid-19, already health-conscious people have had to start paying more attention to their mental health, which is just as important. Declining mental health due to depression, lack of rest, and excessive stress can weaken the body’s immune system; a door left wide-open to a plethora of different viruses. This lets us know that mental and physical health are directly linked to each other, and that we can’t neglect either one.
In today’s digital climate, brands have a responsibility to concern themselves with the mental and emotional health benefits of their consumers as well as their own interests in growth and synergy. The customer has more access to brands and power of decision now than ever before. If brands really want to keep an ear to the pulse of the consumer, wellness should not just be considered, but taken seriously.

Caring for the mind matters to our wellbeing. The Mindfully collection features wellness solutions that will put mindfulness back into peoples’ lives. THAIGROOVE has included some tips that recommend Thai products to assist you and your customers in conquering different types of stress during this crisis. This could be through meditation, sitting in a calm atmosphere, or listening to your favorite music. Or even filling your home with lush, rich scents! Still your mind with naturally-infused scents from the aromatic oils of SATIRA, which focuses entirely on longevity and wellbeing. If your body still feels tense, try relieving the pain with SIANG PURE & PEPPERMINT FIELD’S legendary amber oil. Lighten up your work-from-home time with a refillable, sandstone-capped aromatherapy candle from NUAYNARD. If you’re on the go, stay safe from a harsh environment with a discreet, portable Thai herbal scent from APAUL.

Center your mind while uplifting your emotions, live more MINDFULLY at THAIGROOVE.com

Apaul Aromanordic (กล่องไม้สำหรับชื้อเป็นของฝาก)

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