Nature Wins : Thai Designs Where Nature Takes Centre Stage

Nature Wins : Thai Designs Where Nature Takes Centre Stage


As we heal nature, nature will heal us. – There is no denying that nature is calling. It needs our healing touch, it needs our utmost care and respect. At the same, we need nature’s powers to help make us whole and happy.

In the THAIGROOVE showroom, we see Thai creators stepping up the game when it comes to nature, fusing natural elements with practical creativity. The result is the creation of impressive objects of desire and everyday lifestyle products that ensure nature wins every time.

The DOITUNG brand is a social enterprise under the Doi Tung Development Project of the Mae Fah Luang Foundation under Royal Patronage. Established over 30 years ago, it has provided a sustainable livelihood to ethnic hill tribes who once had no option but to rely on illicit crop cultivation and trafficking. Today, it is a flourishing hub of serious craft and skills where Hill tribe ethnicity is at the very heart of the enterprise, helping to preserve the cultural heritage and provide a sustainable livelihood for tribal villagers.

ARTWORK designs product from fabrics made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Microfiber leather is used instead of genuine leather, for animal and environmental friendly purpose. The brand aims to deliver messages about sustainable thinking and environmental awareness through design by bringing waste plastic bottles back to life, and showing how people can help save the planet by choosing products designed from recycled waste.

Created with real flowers, every GETNATURE jewelry is a handcrafted piece of art that captures nature with their unique resin formula. Made from eco-environmental assets, attention to detail is given to every step of the process from planting the flowers, to designing and handcrafting the art piece.

From the very beginning, PLANTOY’s mission has always been to create a more sustainable world, to conduct business with the utmost care and consideration to the environment while focusing on safety and child development. Today, PlanToys has branched out to Asia, America, Europe, and Australia – bringing optimism, creativity, and passion for sustainability to communities all over the world.

At LAJEWEL, elements inspired by nature are brought to life through creativity and innovative jewelry production process, resulting in impressive jewelry creations that radiate in any space. The designer creates masterpieces by capturing shapes of droplets from nature and innovatively reinventing them using glass as its medium.

Nature and Creativity go together peanut butter and jelly! Choose the path where nature always wins – see more good-for-the-planet creations at THAGROOVE.COM LIVE ECO

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