Simply 10 out of 10 : Thai10/10 taking the Chinese market by storm

Simply 10 out of 10 : Thai10/10 taking the Chinese market by storm


Destination China! Ten Thai brands join forces, under the support of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) – Ministry of Commerce, captivating the Chinese market with real flair.

The name of the project speaks for itself as these 10 selected brands are top in class or, in other words, simply 10 out of 10. Now in its 4th year since conception, Thai10/10 is stepping into a virtual mode to drive new business partnerships in China for 2020.

The ten brands, spreading across three groups of products (1) Furniture (2) Wellness and Beauty (3) Fashion and Lifestyle, are preparing to step up the game to meet the new demands of the discerning luxury consumers in China. Joining the campaign is Mr. Han Ping and other KOLs who will lead the introduction of Thai10/10 into the Chinese market. Expect Live sessions and online commerce opportunities with these exciting brand line-up and collections that aim to wow and awe.

Check out Thai10/10 brands right here as they are all part of the THAIGROOVE virtual showroom.
ASAVA – The reinterpretation of timelessness.
DEESAWAT – Where quality comes naturally.
I-SPA – When technology meets art to redefine bathroom experience.
KENKOON – Balance living, made extraordinary.
OCEAN GLASS – Quality glassware for every occasion.
MOBELLA – Creative design meets modern Thai elements.
PANPURI – Clean beauty & wellness made effective.
PASAYA – Here’s to good health and a balanced living.
SATIRA – Savor life with herbal healing harmony.
5IVESIS – A legendary meet of craft and creativity.

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