Internationally known as “Kitchen of the World” and acknowledged as being a top source of rice and tropical fruits, food choices in Thailand are massively diverse. Food is such a big deal here that Thais often greet each other by saying, “Have you got some food?” Anyone who has indulged in Thai food knows that it can put you in a good mood with just one taste. Thinking about losing weight in this country poses a very difficult dilemma for those addicted to Thai food. Let’s face it: good food = good mood. No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, there’s no denying that great flavors can bring a smile to your face. And if it’s authentic, Thai-approved Thai food we’re talking about, that happiness is only multiplied.

One thing that makes our TASTEFULLY collection so special is that each of the items and flavors we’ve included speaks to the uniqueness of Thailand and Thai culture. Thai food and flavors are unlike any others in the world, and we know because our brands have successfully reached all around the planet. Whether it’s snacks, drinks, or main dishes, all these products show what “Thainess” truly is, and whoever experiences it is sure to get hooked.

You have our permission to individualize your own dishes by matching any ingredients you want for a nouveau taste and experience with Thai dishes. Let’s follow these mouthwatering tips to awaken your palate and knowledge of Thai foods. Try using the Thai (un)official national noodle dish, MAMA, with the protein-packed, plant-based meats from LET’S PLANT MEAT. Your instant noodle meal will be fulfilling as well as unforgettable. For those who desire to taste fresh fruits from a domestic Royal Thai origin, DOI KHAM’s juice, honey, and spreads are just the answers. And try mixing DOI KHAM fruit juice with longtime favorite, MALI sweetened condensed milk, for a soothingly sweet but healthy and fruity Thai drink that must be tasted to be appreciated.

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