What’s Cooking : 5 Easy Ways to Enjoy the Taste of Thailand

What’s Cooking : 5 Easy Ways to Enjoy the Taste of Thailand


Thai food is simply irresistible, being recognized as one of the most flavorful cuisines on the planet. The variety is endless, full of natural flavors and exciting tastes that will add a ‘wow’ to any dull day. And yes, it’s possible to enjoy these dishes in the comfort of your own home.

Here are 5 ways to enjoy the taste of Thailand right now.

1. Let’s spice up
Tom Yum Koong – the signature spicy shrimp soup is one of the most famous Thai dishes ever. A beautiful combination of herbs, lemongrass and limes with a touch of heat from fresh chilies make for an unforgettable experience to the taste buds. It’s quite a complex dish to prepare with loads of fresh ingredients needed – but fear not food lovers, we have a simple short-cut to fame. Check out Mama’s Tom Yum Koong instant noodles, in just a few minutes, you can enjoy a the flavorful dish in the easiest way possible.

2. Rush hour? no problem
Phat Kraprow – the street food staple dish for all Thais and ranks 4th as the most popular dish of visitors to Thailand. A great mix of chilis, garlic and, the taste booster, holy basil leaves, together creating the magical well-blended taste! A ready-to-cook solution is available – try ROZA’s Kraprow stir fry paste. Grab a wok, add the paste and add the meat of your choice and, voilà!, your very own Phat Kraprow is ready to enjoy. Fast and fabulous, even when in a rush.

3. Ready, refresh, repeat!

Coconut Water – the ultimate healthy drink with rejuvenation powers. With one sip, feel your body get transported to a tropical paradise, enjoying the sun on a beautiful beach with fresh coconuts in hand. It’s tasty, refreshing and, rich in nutrients. You can enjoy Coconut water from anywhere in the world now with Coco Thumb, just press-push-peel to enjoy authentic Thai coconut water anytime!

4. Feast like a royal
Kao Chae – a seasonal dish once enjoyed by members of the aristocracy, now has gained back its popularity becoming a must have beat-the-heat recipe served in many high-end restaurants in Thailand. The dish comprises four parts – par-boiled rice ob tien (rice smoked in scented candle used in cooking), jasmine-scented water, ice cubes and a nice variety of side dishes. Extra crunchy texture could be topped off by spicy snacks like crispy ChiLee.

5. Easy breezy weekends
Bua Loi – colorful mini glutenous rice balls served with coconut milk cream, providing a satisfying salty aftertaste. Whether served hot or cold, it’s so delightful that one bowl won’t be enough! Available in easy serve formats from S&P – so delicious and so easy.

Discover more Thai food delights, visit THAIGROOVE.COM, open up your world to Thailand’s wonderland of food!

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What’s Cooking : 5 Easy Ways to Enjoy the Taste of Thailand

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