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5ive sis

A legendary meet of craft and creativity.


You can stay connected with 5ive sis


You can stay connected with 5ive sis

Brand Story

5IVE SIS or five sisters are from a goldsmiths’ family, inheriting their legacy through strong craftsmanship. The name itself is inspired by the goldsmith’s 5 daughters, who are now the new generation of artisans, deeply passionate in designing delicate pieces of art from pewter. 5IVE SIS’s pewter creations are in the category of “Fine” quality, with the core composition being tin in the amount of 97%, and the rest being 3% of copper and antimony. Moreover, 5IVE SIS’s products are meticulous with great design and craftsmanship. Apart from pewter goods, other products from 5IVE SIS are chiefly composed of silver, brass, and bronze of the highest quality. It’s a legendary meet of craft and creativity that brings pewter to life, reflecting life in its most unique identity.

Maker Story

Behind the creations are five sisters, all of whom are passionate in creating precious accessories and decorative items. 5IVE SIS uses the combination of natural elements and the senses of Oriental culture to create new luxury experiences from refined pewter glasses to beautiful home décor items. All handmade, always unique.

Product Gallery

Wine glass chinese zodiac collection

Wine glass wild animal collection

Wine glass flower collection

Wine glass chess collection-king

Wine glass chess collection-knight

Wine glass speakeasies collection

Tea glass flower collection

Seasonal tea cup collection

Enamel painted tea caddy four seasons collection

Enamel painted orchid tray collection

Orchid tray collection

Thai royal barge collection

Jewelry box Khon collection

Slat&swing candle stand

Plant pot Co-Ex Collection

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