Timeless Land of Relaxation.


You can stay connected with AKALIKO


You can stay connected with AKALIKO

Brand Story

At AKALIKO, it is believed that nature can nourish us, just as water nourishes the plants. AKALIKO will lead you on a journey to become one with nature, stopping at nothing to show you natures healing powers. Our rich aromas and soothing skin care products are made from safe, raw ingredients. Step into the timeless land of AKALIKO to experience for yourself the precious moments and gifts we have for a special person like you.

Maker Story

After a quick recovery from the severe frozen shoulder that required physical therapy and extra help from essential oils, Chatchawan Santadkornkarn aimed at researching and harnessing the therapeutic and healing powers of natural oils. Included in his findings was an incredibly powerful natural oil, leading to the birth of AKALIKO.

AKALIKO started as a small aroma incense shop, and became well-known among tourists. Our users were fascinated with the unforgettable experiences they had there. We combine ancient knowledge of aromatherapy with modern production technology to create organic skincare unique only to AKALIKO.

Product Gallery

Lavender Spice Ultra Nourishing Body Oil 250 ml. 100.00% Natural

Oolong Nourishing Body Oil 250 ml. 98.00% Natural

Rosy Berry Nourishing Body Oil 250 ml. 98.00% Natural

Lemongrass Essence Body Lotion 250 ml.

Blooming Jasmine Shower Gel 250 ml.

Rosy Rose Hand Cream 80 g.

Charcoal Charcoal Goat Milk Facial Bar 100 g.

Radiance Moisturizing Serum 30 ml.

Rejuvenate Anti-Aging Facial Oil 30 ml.

Orchid Soy Candle 395 g.

Cherry Blossom Premium Sachet

Naran Aroma Flower Diffuser 100 ml.

Cherry Blossom Aroma Diffuser World Collection 150 ml.

Lavender Pillow Mist 100 ml.

Miya Room Spray 100 ml.

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