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You can stay connected with B.K.

Brand Story

For every moment in life, big or small, balloons are always a great way to celebrate.

B.K’s latex helium and air-filled balloons come in a range of sizes and colors that are perfect for birthdays, parties, baby showers, and any occasion to celebrate. Established more than 40 years ago, B.K.

specializes in latex balloons – for decorations, parties, advertisements, and even toys.

A proud exporter to over 50 countries worldwide, the brand is determined to develop balloon products with quality and exceptional service to respond to any customer requirement.

Importantly, B.K.’s products comply with the international toy safety directive standards.

Today, it is at the forefront of the industry, with an impressive production capacity of over 850 million balloons per year.

Maker Story

B.K. LATEX PRODUCT CO., LTD. was established in 1979 by Team Setsawat. His vision is to produce quality latex balloons that will reach the global audience worldwide, adding happiness and lifting up a sense of celebration to everyday life.

Now managed under the 2nd generation management team, with solid marketing plans and always prioritizing the product development to respond to the customer’s requirements, B.K. has expanded the business into becoming a top leader in South East Asia.

Product Gallery

Decoration balloon 50 pcs

Decoration balloon 100 pcs

Printing Balloon all over

Sweet Pastel balloon

Super Glow balloon

Confetti Balloon

Animal Balloon (BK1080, BK1085, BK1090 & BK1095)

Small Card Balloon

Big Card Balloon

Small lottery Balloon (80pcs)

Big lottory Balloon (160pcs)

Item BK47

Item BK10ILY

Multi Balloon Crystal

Balloon in Balloon

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