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You can stay connected with Bioform

Brand Story

With inspiration to make a difference in the world, Bioform was born. Fueled by a team of talented individuals all sharing the same passion, one that is to make the world a safer place for us and the generations to come, a better future for mankind. Leveraging the brand’s deep expertise in food safety, product development, and new innovative materials to create a whole new dining experience – safe, durable and truly providing a peace of mind to everyone in the family. Most importantly, Bioform’s products are not only toxic-free but are also bio-material based so you can be sure that you are actually doing your part to save the planet.

On the mission to become the world’s leading green products provider, Bioform has collected numerous awards and recognitions of high quality, efficiency and green standards such as ISO17088, DEmark Thailand, G Mark Japan, Thailand’s Prime Minister’s Export Award. As a Small-Medium size enterprise with innovation in biodegradable materials, Bioform has received subsidies from government bodies such as NSTDA, NIA, OSMEP, and TISTR. The materials from Bioform can bio degrade faster than general plastic 150x with an efficiency cost that is about 300% lower than other bioplastic. It’s worth noting that most of Bioform’s products are food contact safe.

Maker Story

Pavinee Waewseangsang founded Bioform in 2016. This self-funded enterprise is on a mission to create realistic green materials with real cost efficiency and high quality. As Thailand is amongst the top 3 world sugar exporters, Pavinee felt strongly about finding ways to reduce waste from sugar production as well as raising the livelihoods of Thai farmers. With a keen interest in innovation methods and a strong passion in the art of product design, Bioform has been innovating ever since its conception. In 2019, Pavinee received an Outstanding Women Award in the field of environmental support from Non-profit organization in Thailand. Watch out for more green innovations to come!

Product Gallery

Eco Friendly Reusable Bowl

Eco Friendly Reusable Food Box

Eco Friendly Reusable Cup

Eco Friendly Disposable Straw

Eco Friendly Disposable Dish

Eco Friendly Disposable Bowl

Eco Friendly Disposable Cold Cup

Eco Friendly Disposable Food Box

Eco Friendly Disposable Cutlery

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