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You can stay connected with Buono


You can stay connected with Buono

Brand Story

Enhancing the happy, healthy living and well-being of people around the world is the mission Buono Thailand strives to achieve. With 20 years of experience as a 100% plant-based food and dessert manufacturer and exporter, Buono continues to produce a wide range of innovative products that combine nature and deliciousness. Staples of the brand include Mochi Ice, frozen desserts, and authentic Thai frozen ready meals. They’re are all made from natural and local ingredients like coconut milk, jackfruit and other local fruits. This is Buono’s way to give you guilt-free indulgence, so you can enjoy your favorite dishes and support your community.

Maker Story

Everything started when Chetta and Achara, husband and wife, fell in love with real Italian gelato while visiting Italy. Their curiosity and creativity led to the unity of Italian culinary techniques and vibrant, locally-sourced Thai ingredients. Today, Buono continues to innovate various plant-based products beyond ice cream for not only guilt-free indulgences, but support of the local community. Going beyond just ice cream, Buono now offers delicious and healthy food, all guided by the desire to improve the community around them.

Product Gallery

Mochi Ice Assorted

Mochi Ice Mango

Mochi Ice Thai Tea

Mochi Ice Blossom

Boru Boru Thai Tea

Boru Boru Brown Sugar

Boru Boru Taro

Lamai Thai Padthai

Lamai Thai Green Curry

Lamai Thai Mini Jackfruit Cake

Lamai Thai Mango on Sticky Rice

Bon Bons Cookie and Cream

Midweek Sunday Coffee Almond Brittle

Snow Skin Durian Mooncake

Mango Dipped Choc

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