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You can stay connected with Clamp it


You can stay connected with Clamp it

Brand Story

The popularity of the children’s toys and furniture made by Clamp It is owed to its unique, international PCT-patented locking technology. This unique assembling technique allows kids to experience free play on their own without any additional tools. By simply “clamping it”, kids will enjoy transforming their playable components— they can stack or even disassemble them, saving more space in the house. Toys can be a key to developing a creative child, which is why all of our products are also designed for kids to draw on with dust-free chalks. We understand the needs of children and their parents, so we invent products that help improve a child’s mind. Clamp It- connecting imagination.

Maker Story

Since 2019, Clamp It has been designing and manufacturing innovative quality children’s toys, using new materials to encourage an imaginative play in kids. The company incorporates principles of sustainability into its production process, allowing it to create environmentally friendly products that are well-researched and appropriate for a child’s development. As learning through play is important for the healthy brain development of children, Clamp It is committed to nurturing creativity for child development, helping kids to grow into positive, productive members society. This goal has gained Clamp It global certifications.

Product Gallery

Blobs play

Unit doll house

Math Man (Mathematics learning toys)

Cockpit- Co Module

Vehicle – Co Module

Aviator – Co Module

Construction – Co Module

Learner Mover – Co Module

Learner Mover – Co Module (Natural style)

Three Animals

Three skills

Early desk & chair

Working table & Chair

Unit Curved Table & hair (Natural syle)

Working table & Chair (Natural style)

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