Corner 43 Décor

Corner 43 Décor

Tropical Inspired, progressive creations.


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You can stay connected with Corner 43 Décor

Brand Story

Corner 43 Decor is a luxury furnishings and home accessories company established in 1987 with a mission to create well-designed furniture items, using locally sourced materials and innovative new resources, inspired by the tropical world, the new and the old, the harmonious fusion of the two. It’s the combination of textures, colors, and patterns used in every creation that invites you in. Corner 43 Decor is continually trying to find new sustainable sources to continue to weave and preserve the long heritage but acclimate to the changing tides of time.

Maker Story

Established in 1987, Corner 43 Decor is a rattan furniture boutique from Bangkok. Today, Corner 43 Decor works with a diverse group of designers as a platform to create and innovate, combining progressive and classical designs. Such collaborations include Salt And Pepper Studio, Thinkk Studio, and Trimode Studio. The brand is always seeking new growth and innovation, and have been fortunate to work with some of the region’s brightest lights. Quality and creativity have led Corner 43 Decor to receive many awards, such as G Mark Good Design Award from Japan and DEmark awards.

Product Gallery

Narra Hanging Lamp

Patom Dining Chair

Sputnik Sofa

Sputnik Bench

Sputnik Chair

Thinnie Dining Chair

Touch Easy Chair

Thinnie Bar Stool (Back Rest)

Moor Easy Armchair

Thinnie Dining Table (Square)

Celestial Hanging Lamp

Fantail Wall Décor

Petite Stool (Round)

Petite Stool (Square)

Petite Stool (Ellipse)

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