Doi Kham

Doi Kham

Cultivate Better Living for Local Communities.


You can stay connected with Doi Kham


You can stay connected with Doi Kham

Brand Story

The development of local communities and the greater wellbeing of the people within them are what Doi Kham strives to achieve. The brand has operated around the philosophy of sustainability while also expanding community development on a broader scale, benefiting locals ranging from farmers to society at large. As a business, Doi Kham consolidates its market position, capturing the hearts of consumers with a diverse selection of high-quality items. The famous tomato juice—a staple of the Doi Kham brand, has unquestionably been crowned as the brand’s number one product, with more than 50% market share.

Maker Story

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s vision to improve Thai people’s quality of life was the starting point leading to the foundation of the brand “Doi Kham” under the Royal Project in 1969. The idea was to introduce means of sustainable living to local farmers by promoting the production of winter crops, such as peaches, lychees, apples, and tomatoes, to fit the colder temperature of Thailand’s northern highlands. Today, Doi Kham has four Royal Factories operating across four provinces and is growing strong as the consumers’ top choice for those seeking quality rather than merely a lower price.

Product Gallery

99% Tomato Juice 200 ml.

99% Tomato Juice 1,000 ml.

98% Mango Juice 200 ml.

98% Mango Juice 1,000 ml.

98% Strawberry Juice 200 ml.

98% Strawberry Juice 1,000 ml.

98% Lychee Juice 200 ml.

98% Lychee Juice 1,000 ml.

98.4% Guava Juice 200 ml.

98.4% Guava Juice 1,000 ml.

50% Passion Fruit Juice 200 ml.

50% Passion Fruit Juice 1,000 ml.

100% Honey 120 g.

100% Honey 230 g.

100% Honey 770 g.

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