Traditional Siamese indulgence reinterpreted for the modern life.


You can stay connected with Erb


You can stay connected with Erb

Brand Story

‘Erb’ derived from an old Thai expression ‘erb-im’, which referred to the radiant glow of Thai women from eras past, a testament to their physical well-being and spiritual contentment. Dedicated to the art of fine living, women of the Siamese royal court pampered themselves with beauty regimens and indulgent botanical preparations. Their beauty was legendary, their allure irresistible. Erb harnesses the power of natural ingredients using the latest scientific innovations, resulting in products that deliver exceptional benefits and induce a delightful sensorial experience.
Erb reinterprets traditional Siamese indulgences, bringing a touch of bliss to modern life.

Maker Story

Erb was founded in 2000 by Pattree Bhakdibutr, a leading Thai fashion designer who believes in living a life filled with passion. Among many inspirations that led to Erb’s creations were Pattree’s childhood memories of the lovely herbal aromas. As an adult, Pattree aims to further retain an appreciation for the refined ways of traditional life in Thailand. Similarly, contributing to Erb’s aesthetic is her love for art and design. The same skills and imagination that assured her success as a fashion designer became immediately apparent in every Erb creation.

Product Gallery

Eastern Treat Body Serum 230 ml. (FP-00110331N)

Eastern Treat Body Oil 240 ml. (FP-00110402)

Eastern Treat Shower and Bath Cream 230 ml. (FP-00110201R)

Spice & Shine Gel Body Scrub 240 g. (FP-00110506R)

Spice & Shine Light Body Cream 230 ml. (FP-00110302R)

Spice & Shine Shower & Bath Gel 230 ml. (FP-00110202R)

Glow Again Body Scrub & Mask EX 220 g. (FP-00110518)

Glow Again Pure Body Oil EX 240 ml. (FP-00110409)

Glow Again Body Butter EX 220 ml. (FP-00110337)

Glow Again Shower Gel EX 230 ml. (FP-00110234)

Dazzling Spring Milk Bath Oil 230 ml. (FP-00110441)

Dazzling Spring Body Oil 240 ml. (FP-00110423)

Wine & Roses Anti-aging Body Oil 230 ml. (FP-00110404)

Wine & Roses Anti-aging Body Serum 230 ml. (FP-00110334)

Wine & Roses Rose Water Body Cleanser 230 ml. (FP-00110231)

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