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Exotic Food

Magical Culinary Moments within minutes.


You can stay connected with Exotic Food


You can stay connected with Exotic Food

Brand Story

Back in 1999, Exotic Food began by selling just a few dozen core items. Today, the brand encompasses more than 200 Thai food products, available around the world in more than 62 countries and counting.

Made from only the freshest and best quality ingredients produced by local farmers, Exotic Food products capture many delicious dimensions of Thailand; presented in sleek and modern packaging, always ready to be turned into magical culinary moments within minutes.

Our research and development team continue to innovate, in search for new and delicious products that suit the tastes of our worldwide customers, while always maintaining the highest level of safety and quality standards.

Maker Story

Founded in 1999, Exotic Food started with a vision of two siblings, both passionate about Thai food, who dreamt of seeing their beloved cuisine cooked and enjoyed in restaurants and homes around the world.

Everyday, Exotic Food strives to fulfill the vision of their founders – to deliver the best Thai food and beverage products, so that millions around the globe can enjoy the exotic wonder of the Thai cuisine.

The company pick sources of ingredients exquisitely because “WE CARE”, always supporting supplies of fresh & high-quality ingredients from local farmers, which also help improve farmers’ well-being as well.

Product Gallery

Sweet Chilli Sauce 250 ml

Spring Roll Sauce 250 ml

Mango Sauce 250 ml

Sriracha Mayo Sauce 455 ml

Sriracha Blackout Sauce 455 ml

Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce 455 ml

Hoisin Sauce 455 ml

Pad Thai Sauce 250 ml

Satay Sauce 200 g

Red Curry Paste 50 g

Green Curry Paste 50 g

Tom Yum Paste 50 g

All Natural Sweet Chilli Sauce 245 ml

All Natural Spring Roll Sauce 245 ml

All Natural Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce 245 ml

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