The gifts for life.. for all.


You can stay connected with Giffarine


You can stay connected with Giffarine

Brand Story

The name Giffarine means the “Gifts for Life”.

Giffarine was established in 1996 by a team of dedicated Thai medical doctors and pharmacists with the intention to develop quality products for Thais and global citizens alike.

The wide range of products include cosmetics, skincare, nutritional supplements, body treatments, household products, and healthy foods.

The philosophy at Giffarine places the highest importance on honesty and responsibility to the consumers which has led to the phenomenal success of the company today.

With 4 state-of-the-art factories and one central lab – certified by ISO and the Thai government authorities, Giffarine is ready to serve everyone with quality of life, everywhere.

Maker Story

Every crisis has a chance; Dr.Nalinee Paiboon stood up and turned her life into a business called “Giffarineā€¯.

As a medical doctor, she started with a small clinic creating excellent quality products.

She chose direct sales to grow the brand, putting in everything she has into the business to scale up. The passion and dedication paid off.

Giffarine today is an impressive player in the health and cosmetic fields, and it continues to innovate with honesty and responsibility to the consumers it serves. The key to success at Giffarine is to make people happy through the Gifts for Life.

Product Gallery

Laundry Liquid

Vegetable & Fruit Wash

Hygienic Hand sanitizer Gel

Hygienic Hand Spray (Rose Peach)

Hygienic Alcohol Spray (Little Orange)

Hygienic Refreshing Alcohol Spray

No-Mos Mosquito Repellent Lotion

Antibacterial Shower Cream

Foaming Hand Wash with Anti-bac

Lactic Hygienic Care Clean

Hya Intensive Whitening Pre-serum

Hya 3D complex Lotion

Hya 3D complex Cream

Hya Booster Sleeping Mask

Hya Mela-vite Spot Corrector Gel

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