Glow Mori

Glow Mori

Real gem creations made from precious ingredients.


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Email: glowmoricocoon@gmail.com


You can stay connected with Glow Mori

Brand Story

Glow Mori has been recognized as a popular skincare brand that is completely safe and extremely beneficial to facial skin, improving firmness, smoothness and softness. It’s innovative Deep Ultra Glowlecule technology penetrates deep into the lower layer of skin to help skin become three times brighter and clearer. Ingredients are imported from America, Europe, and Asia and mixed with premium Golden Silk Cocoon extract from Gunma prefecture, Japan.

Maker Story

Lookmee, Ansasi Hongkanarug – founder of Glow Mori, has always been admired for her exceptional youthful skin, and highly trusted for her beauty advice. She has always been passionate about sharing this with the world, hence her creations are all meticulously selected and made from precious ingredients from around the world. Glow Mori was awarded the Facial Care Award by skin care professionals and representatives from Marie Claire magazine in 2015.

Product Gallery

Glow Mori Sleeping Cream 10 ml

Glow Mori Sleeping Cream 30 ml

Glow Mori Vitamin Ball Acne+ Morning Serum

Glow Mori Rose Jelly Acne Cleanser

Glow Mori Plankton Essence

Glow Mori White Balance Soft Cream

Glow Mori White and Soft Cleanser with Hokkaido Milk

Glow Mori Angel Milk Face Soap

Glow Mori Angel Whitening Whipping Soap

Glow Mori Whitening Sunscreen

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