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Healthy Boy

Real Taste of Thai Food.


You can stay connected with Healthy Boy


You can stay connected with Healthy Boy

Brand Story

Healthy Boy first appeared on shelves 75 years ago in 1947. From home cooking to luxury fine-dining restaurants, we serve a great range of kitchen staples: seasoning, cooking sauce, and dipping sauce. Moreover, we promote the use of advanced technology to enhance efficiency as a greener way to broaden our horizons. As customer satisfaction has always been our top priority, the public loved it so much that we became Thailand’s No.1 Seasoning Brand. But we won’t stop here – we we will continue to work to provide savory and quality products until the world recognizes a unique Thai flavor for generations to come.

Maker Story

Healthy Boy’s philosophy is rooted in principles of Taste, Nutrition, Quality, and Innovation. Beyond delivering nutrients that season your food, our global operating model professionally adapts international management standards to keep our consumers satisfied. Advanced, international-standard technology and automatic production facilities work at 300 bottles-per-minute, so we can keep pace with worldwide demands. With a determination to take bolder and more sustainable steps for our communities, we recognize the impacts of every process to preserve society and the environment for future generations.

Product Gallery

Thin Soy Sauce and Mushroom Soy Sauce

Japanese Soy Sauce

Dark Soy Sauce

Thick Oyster Sauce

Oyster Flavoured Sauce Chinese Style

Mushroom Vegetarian Sauce

Soybean Paste

Fish Sauce and Fish Sauce Fermented

Dipping Sauce

Healthy Dipping Sauce 3No

Gluten Free Sauce

Terpene Sauce

Fusion Mayo

X.O.Fish Paste and Gourami Sauce

I-Chef Ready-Mixed Sauce

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