Jade leaf / BIF

Jade leaf / BIF

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You can stay connected with Jade leaf / BIF


You can stay connected with Jade leaf / BIF

Brand Story

With customer benefits in mind, Bangkok Inter Food Co, Ltd. has extensively developed its technology and standard system to ensure high-quality, safe outputs to pursue the goal of becoming a research and development center for food products. The company is now widely recognized as an innovative firm and has played significant roles in developing the nation’s food industries, especially in the areas of new product and service development. The company has also successfully provided customers with raw materials of the utmost quality, export-import assistance, distribution, and technical services for product applications.

Maker Story

To achieve his vision of product development, Sompop Chinthammit, Managing Director of Bangkok Inter Food Co., Ltd, holds fast to the policy of “good quality, beneficial prices,” which prioritizes giving customers the most benefits from products they purchased. The ultimate goal is to produce and distribute the country’s highest quality raw materials to customers nationwide. In addition to domestic sales that support Thailand’s economy, products are exported to various destinations in every corner of the world. These international sales have drawn worldwide recognition.

Product Gallery

Jade Leaf Rice Flour

Jade Leaf Glutinous Rice Flour

Jade Leaf Tapioca Starch

Jade Leaf Small Tapioca Pearl

Bif Pancake Mix

Bif Waffle Mix

Jade Leaf Crispy Flour All Purpose

Bif Karagge Flour

Jade Leaf Layer Cake Flour

Jade Leaf Kanom Krok Flour

Jade Leaf Ha Gao Mix

Jade Leaf Chive Dumpling Mix

Jade Leaf Radish Cake Flour

Jade Leaf Fried Banana Flour

Jade Leaf Seafood Batter Mix

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