The Taste of Thai Fruit Snacks.


You can stay connected with Jeedjard


You can stay connected with Jeedjard

Brand Story

Jeedjard brand was established in 2003 by a family who loves sweet tamarind and desired to process sweet tamarind into an easier and more convenient format to eat. The first product was chewy tamarind made from 75% sweet tamarind blended with plum powder, which became a well-known, best-selling product that we know of today. Since then, Jeedjard has expanded to not only producing Chewy Tamarind but also chewy assorted fruit candy and gummy, under the brand named “Jeedjard Gimme” and “Fruite-10”. Nowadays, Jeedjard’s products have been exported to many countries, introducing great tasting Thai fruit snacks to the world.

Maker Story

Panicha Laohamonthonkul, the second generation of 3M Food Product Company Limited, Thailand’s leading manufacturers and distributors of Chewy Tamarind Candy, has brought the taste of Thai fruit snacks to the world. At present, Jeedjard exports to many countries, namely China, Hongkong, Japan, Taiwan, the UK, South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh. The company is highly committed to delivering the best product quality that truly serves the needs of all customers.

Product Gallery

Jeedjard Tamarind with Plum

Jeedjard Tamarind Spicy Plum

Jeedjard Tamarind Spicy Flavour

Jeedjard Chewy Tamarind

Jeedjard Tamarind Soft Candy

Jeedjard Mango Soft Candy

Jeedjard Passion Fruit Soft Candy

Fruite-10 Candy Mix Fruit Flavour

Fruite-10 Candy Grape Flavour

Fruite-10 Candy Lychee Flavour

Fruite-10 Candy Cola Flavour

Fruite-10 Gummy Lime Flavour

Fruite-10 Gummy Grape Flavour

Fruite-10 Gummy Apple Flavour

Fruite-10 Gummy Strawberry Flavour

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