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You can stay connected with Kito


You can stay connected with Kito

Brand Story

As the leading footwear brand in Thailand, Kito always see the importance of design in addition to function, whether it is slippers, sandals, sneakers or fashion shoes. Kito brand is one of the first brands to create a new dimension in the footwear industry. Shoes are more diverse. Styles change according to the trend of each era, and Kito always continue to develop the shoes in terms of beauty, quality and effectiveness. As a manufacturer of quality sandals, continuously creating new images for the footwear industry continuously, the brand has built its reputation over time. Especially with the design of shoes “KITO KEYBOARD”, Kito has started a phenomenon that allows the footwear industry to be reborn again.

Maker Story

Kito Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. For over 40 years, Kito has successfully established itself as an expert in footwear – products include the world’s best EVA and PU sandals and slippers, designed by famous Italian designers. For Kito, style and design are very uniquely exceptional comparing to any local Asian footwear companies. Kito commits to continue innovating with the most advanced technology and the newest materials rooted in strong consumer insights, to bring the best innovations to all.

Product Gallery

Kito Walk (AA64)

Kito Move (AH61)

Kito Flow (AI8)

Kito Dance Gold Series(AH65)

Kito AB15

Kito AB16 Pride Edition

Kito Keyboard (AA99)

Kito Keyboard RGB (AA100)

Kito AN45

Kito AN49

Kito AN52

Kito AO1

Kito BO5

Kito E4815

Kito Mask

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