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You can stay connected with KORAKOT


You can stay connected with KORAKOT

Brand Story

Korakot’s inspiration comes directly from its surroundings. Works of art are created with the use of natural materials such as bamboos and hemp ropes using a traditional technique of kite-making passed on from generation to generation.

Adding practicality, every creation is not only aesthetically pleasing but functionally suitable for the decoration trends of today.

Korakot works closely with communities to help provide steady income and career opportunities.

Different types of creations can be expected from sculptures, architectural construction and everyday objects of desire.

Maker Story

Behind the brand is Korakot Aromdee who founded Korakot International Limited Partnership in 2006.

It started from receiving several orders and training up 10 workers to kick-start the brand.

The technique he uses to create these distinctive items have been adopted from kite-making, learnt from his grandfather who is an expert on Chula kites.

After graduating from the Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University, Korakot became passionate in pursuing the technique in his designs and started to produce impressive works of art thereafter.

Korakot exemplifies the uniqueness of Thai identity and help uplifts the livelihoods of local communities that is the backbone of its creations.

Product Gallery

Bamboo Hanging WAVE – 001

Bamboo Hanging WAVE – 002

Bamboo Hanging WAVE – 003

Bamboo Hanging WAVE – 004

Bamboo Hanging Roseapple – 005

Bamboo Hanging Roseapple – 006

Bamboo Hanging Rose – 007

Bamboo Hanging Rose – 008

Bamboo Hanging SS – 009

Bamboo Hanging Cross – 010

Bamboo Hanging Cross – 011

Bamboo Table Wave – 012

Bamboo Table Yebira – 013

Bamboo Table SS – 014

Bamboo Table Rose – 015

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