La Orr

La Orr

Delicate beauty.. Extraordinary Thai silk creations.


You can stay connected with La Orr


You can stay connected with La Orr

Brand Story

‘La Orr’ means delicate beauty in Thai. At La Orr, exquisite art and original beauty can be expressed through accessories that add beauty to everyday life. Vivacious timeless jewelry pieces are created through experimentation to revitalize local materials with delicate designs with a touch of true craftsmanship. La Orr’s collections feature the luxurious use of Thai silk in its finest glory, encapsulating women’s joy and the enchanting world of oriental culture. The use of local materials and traditional techniques fuse beautifully to create impeccable jewelry that is stunning yet perfect for enjoying in everyday life.

Maker Story

Supatchana Limwongse, La Orr’s Founder, developed a fascination for Thai crafts from a very young age. Her happiness is to observe and experiment with heritage crafts and add her own artistic imagination to create extraordinary objects of desire under the brand La Orr. The approach is to modernize folk wisdom in the most creative and stunning ways. It is a sensational way to express the value of Thai craft while the wearer can express her artistic tastes through La Orr’s unique creations.

Product Gallery

Blossom Ballet Bangle OR-BB-BA-1

Blossom Ballet Double Layers Earrings OR-BB-E-3

Blossom Ballet Earrings (L) OR-BB-E-2

Blossom Ballet Earrings (S) OR-BB-E-1

Blossom Ballet Ring OR-BB-R-1

Horizon Necklace OR-HR-N-3

Orchid Trap Earrings OR-OT-E-2

Orchid Trap Necklace OR-OT-N-1

Overwhelm Pin 2 Wings OR-OV-B-2

Overwhelm Pin OR-OV-B-1

Scarab Set (Pin-Earrings-Bangle) OR-Set-Scarlab-1

Overwhelm Earrings OR-OV-E-1

Overwhelm Ring OR-OV-R-1

Clutch OR-GL-CL-1

Headdress OR-GL-HD-1

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