Unconventional artful jewelry inspired by nature.


You can stay connected with LAJEWEL


You can stay connected with LAJEWEL

Brand Story

‘Natural elegance’ is the key philosophy of Lajewel, always emphasizing unconventional simplicity. Elements inspired by nature are brought to life through creativity and innovative jewelry production process, resulting in impressive jewelry creations that radiate in any space. The designer creates masterpieces by capturing shapes of droplets from nature and innovatively reinventing them using glass as its medium. As it touches sunlight, the jewelry glitters with diamond-like sparks as beautiful as a shifting diamond. The beauty moment is heightened when the design piece touches sunlight at an exact angle, reflecting a tiny rainbow effect. Truly impressive when it meets the eyes.

Maker Story

With the aim to redefine luxury in jewelry, Sasivimol Chaidaroon, Lajewel’s founder & designer, sets out on a journey since 2013 to create award-winning designs with real conviction. She is the mastermind behind every of Lajewel’s creation of scintillation. With deep knowledge and accumulated skills, Sasivimol had received numerous critically acclaimed design awards.

2013 Winner of the student of Asia awards – Tokyo designers week

2013 KOSE Corporation awards – Tokyo designers week

2014 Design Excellence awards – Thailand

2014 Finalist of Asia Talents awards

2015 Designer of the year (Emerging designer) – Thailand

2016 Best of Casual – Bangkok International Fashion Fair

2017 The Finalist Vogue who’s on next Thailand

*Launched as LA JEWELRY in 2013 and rebranded to LAJEWEL™ in 2020.

Product Gallery

LAJEWEL Andrea Necklace

LAJEWEL Dolce Droplet Necklace

LAJEWEL Gala Drops Earring

LAJEWEL Small Droplet Long Earring

LAJEWEL Small Droplet Ring

LAJEWEL Tiny Droplet Earring

LAJEWEL Tiny Droplet Necklace

LAJEWEL Statement Droplet Necklace

LAJEWEL Small Droplet Short Earring

LAJEWEL Twinkle Drops Earring

LAJEWEL Last Drop Earring

LAJEWEL Paradise Earring

LAJEWEL Eden Drop Ring

LAJEWEL Oceanic Queen Necklace

LAJEWEL Oceanic Queen Earring

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