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You can stay connected with Lamunlamai Craftstudio


You can stay connected with Lamunlamai Craftstudio

Brand Story

A shared passion for pottery has led Nopkamon Akarapongpaisan and Nol Netprom to establish Lamunlamai.Craftstudio, a Bangkok-based craft studio that communicates a sense of home through daily tableware objects, decorative items, and installation art. These Industrial Design graduates from the Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Architecture fill all of their craft with a sense of Lamunlamai, which means ‘gentle’ or ‘mellow’ in Thai

Maker Story

While Nol likes to experiment with functionality, Nopkamon is interested in the connection between objects and feelings. The result is the balance between functional and emotional values with traces of human touch. Lamunlamai’s essence is  gentleness and a sense of home found in daily tableware and decorative items. While we do aim to broaden our scope by blending Thai craftsmanship skills to a semi-industrial scale, all of our crafts are still finished by hand. Now, we design, work as visual stylists, and craft mass-customized products for leading restaurants and hotels, occasionally joining with pottery shops to showcase our works in international solo and group exhibitions.

Product Gallery

LMLM Pinchware set

LMLM Lace plate

LMLM Lace cuttingboard

No waste // No wares collection

Keep in touch collection

Star fondly no. |||

Thai Mongkol Flower wall decor plate

Timeless Touch collection

LMLM fruit bowl basket

LMLM moon plate

U scented candles

Candle holders collection

Soy wax scented candle in an eggshell pot

Good Morning, SUNSHINE! Soy wax scented candle

No waste // No wares collection – bottle vases

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