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You can stay connected with MAEPRANOM


You can stay connected with MAEPRANOM

Brand Story

Whether it is chilli paste, sauces, curry pastes, instant seasoning, ready-to-cook sets and various other canned food, the brand “MAEPRANOM” has been synonymous with truly authentic Thai taste since its conception in 1959, famous both amongst Thais and as well as international Thai food fans. Each of MAEPRANOM’s creations bears the iconic portrait of Pranom Daengsupa’s or ‘Mae Pranom’ face on its label. It began from humble beginnings with a single product: The now Iconic Thai Chili Paste contained in glass jars – but it did not stop there. With the continuous food innovation and a strong commitment to quality of the highest standards, MAEPRANOM delivers only the best taste with the highest food safety promise. Today, the brand is considered one of the leading manufacturers in the Thai food industry.

Maker Story

It started with Pranom Daengsupa or Mae Pranom’s passion for Thai food along with the innovative vision of her husband’s, Sirichai Daengsupa, the MAEPRANOM brand was born in 1959. With a vision much ahead of the times, Sirichai had a far-reaching notion that in the future, people would have less time to cook with busy modern lifestyles. The concept of preserving fresh food in containers was to deliver convenience through quality canned food with long shelf life was created. The philosophy lives on today, after 61 years of continuous quality creations, MAEPRANOM takes pride in its leadership in finished and semi-finished food products that always reflect the authentic taste of the Thai identity.

Product Gallery

Thai Chilli Paste 513 g

Thai Chilli Paste Sugar Free 114 g

Chilli in Oil for Tom Yum 3 kg

Sweet Chilli Sauce 980 g

Sweet Chilli Sauce Sugar Free 260 g

Sweet and Sour Plum Sauce 260 g

Seafood Sauce 250 g

Pineapple Chilli Sauce 220 g

sukiyaki Sauce Cantonese Formula 250 g

Tom Yum Paste with Dried Spices Lazy Set 88 g

Thai Green Curry Paste with Coconut Cream Powder and Dried Spices 142 g

Papaya Salad Fermented Fish Flavour Cooking Set 63 g

Pad Thai Sauce with Brown Rice Stick Noodles 176 g

Concentrated Thai Boat Noodle Sauce with Rice Vermicelli Noodles and Dried Spices 133 g

Shrimp Paste 350 g

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