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You can stay connected with Maison Craft


You can stay connected with Maison Craft

Brand Story

Maison Craft’s art pieces revolve strongly around the new concept of “Journey of Living Craft Culture”, that the company has been trying to introduce to its customers. Since it is well-known that the preservation of traditional crafts is a fundamental part of cultural heritage, Maison Craft has joined with a team of highly-skilled craftspeople. They are dedicated to promoting and preserving traditional arts and crafts by utilizing examples from a wide variety of local Thai products, as well as a developed traditional technique to serve the modern lifestyle.

Maker Story

Maison Craft, an artisan with a strong belief in arts, crafts and cultural manifestations, regards culture as a key to the uniqueness of humanity; that each society has its own cultural traditions that identify their heritage and makes them uniquely different. By studying these cultures, we can learn a great deal about humanity as a whole.  With its strong passion for cultural discovery, Maison Craft is keen to share a bit of the company’s knowledge about local folks’ lives, cultures, and crafts to a wider audience.

Product Gallery

Placemat L Midnight Star

Placemat L Blue-red

Placemat L Blue-navy

Placemat L Mixed Natural Center

Placemat L Indigo Center

Coaster Mixed Set

Coaster Midnight Set

Coaster Sarasarn Set

Runner Sarasarn S_Blue-navy

Runner Natural S_Jute

Weaving Art Frame S

Weaving Art Frame L

Woven Tile_Flat

Woven Tile_Curve

Runner Sarasarn S_Blue-green

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