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You can stay connected with Moki


You can stay connected with Moki

Brand Story

In response to an increasingly health-conscious market, Monkey King Food Co. Ltd. established MOKI to enrich lives through creative and high-quality products. Research and development has discovered that the tuber crop, konjac, is the ideal choice for a diverse dietetic ingredient. High in fiber and low in calories, our konjac comes in various forms to make every dish special and full of surprises. Here at MOKI, we strive not only to keep you healthy, but prosperous.

Maker Story

In 2005, Monkey King Food was established under Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) program, and is now the largest Amorphophallus Konjac product manufacturer in Thailand. We aim to deliver exceptional products for health lovers everywhere and help to enrich the quality of life for our customers and partners, as well as strengthen the community. To achieve this goal, we use high-quality konjac roots with natural plant fibers to create excellent products, guaranteed by the Thailand Trust Mark. This certification adds distinctive value to our product and other certified Thai products.

Product Gallery

Riceberry Rice With Konjac Ready to eat

Konjac Cake with Seaweed

Oat Fiber Spaghetti with Konjac Ready to eat

Konjac Slice

Konjac Knot

Konjac Noodle

Konjac Perl with Syrup

Spinach Noodle with Konjac

Oat Fiber Knot with Konjac

Oat Fiber Angel Hair with Konjac

Oat Fiber Macaroni with Konjac

Oat Fiber Fettuccine with Konjac

Oat Fiber Spaghetti with Konjac

Oat Udon with Konjac

Oat Fiber Rice with Konjac

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