Timeless wisdom, uplifting your life and spirit.


You can stay connected with Moonler


You can stay connected with Moonler

Brand Story

Moonler is a contemporary furniture design brand based on the concept ‘Timeless wisdom, to uplift your life and spirit’. Expert in designing and manufacture of wooden furniture using Chamchuri (Monkey Pod) wood, Moonler restores & brings back traditional crafts into daily life, making everyday much more meaningful. Committed to producing good quality furniture that highlights the outstanding features of the Monkey Pod Wood such as nice grain and colour, yet maintaining the concept of natural beauty. The collections offer a range of contemporary design furniture distinguished by clean lines, natural styling and superior craftsmanship.

Maker Story

Co-founded by engineer Phuwanat Damrongporn and artist Sarawut Sakthancharoen, Moonler is highly committed to promoting local craftmanship communities and wood crafting culture & wisdom. Over a decade, a modest workshop with a handful of craft people has expanded into a much wider workspace with high-performance tools and machines dealing with heat treatment, woodwork, metal work, eco-friendly paintwork, and showrooms. Situated in the mountainous woodland areas of Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Moonler has extended it’s collaborative community of local and international designers into a much wider scale, taking the furniture crafted by exceptional Thai craftspeople into greater heights.

Product Gallery

Phaka Chair

Kena Chair

Salmon Sidetable

Lunar Chair

Salmon Bench

Phaka Lounge

Panna Table

Pebble Stool

Kena Table

Mesa Table

Kena Bench

Darakorn Shelf

Mesa Shelf

Siam Shelf

Groove Floor Lamp

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