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You can stay connected with NaRaYa


You can stay connected with NaRaYa

Brand Story

Over three decades, NaRaYa has grown from humble beginnings into becoming one of the most influential brands in Asia.

NaRaYa’s fabric creations are not only beautiful and unique but show meticulous attention to detail, which is apparent at every step of the creation process.

There is no surprise that they have become sought-after items for tourists visiting the Kingdom of Thailand. With its unique design and appreciated quality, it is known amongst a big fan-following as the “Bangkok Bag” or “曼谷包”(Mun Ku Pao) in Mandarin Chinese, the “Ribbon Bag” in Japanese, and the Butterfly Bag or “HU TEIB TOI” in Cantonese.

Maker Story

Founded by Wasna Lathouras, Chairman of Narai Intertrade in 1989 at the Narai Phand building, the brand grew exponentially in popularity, attracting more followers while growing its production capabilities year on year.

With a sharp eye for fashion and beauty, Wasna leads NaRaYa’s brand development with her design and craft teams, mixing colors, patterns, and textures to create endless design possibilities.

Seamtresses returning to their homes during the rice farming season poses a problem during the November high tourist season.

This was solved by sending sewing machines with a technician to the seamstresses and this, in turn, created a great number of jobs for women throughout rural Thailand.

A small but proud social initiative from NaraYa.

Product Gallery

NB-87/LMS CP37 Cosmetic Bag

NB-100 CP101 Handbag

NB-84/LMS CP 37 Cosmetic Bag Set of 3

NB-805/L CP101 Soft Case 14-15 inches

NB-805/S CP37 Soft Case 12-13 inches

NB-322 CP101 Handbag

NBS-42 No.101 Handbag

NBS-365 No.101 Shoulder Bag

NBS-699 No.102 Sling Bag

NBS-217 No.102 Cosmetic Bag

NPL-324A No.201 Handbag

NPL-52E No.201 Handbag

NPL-682 No.201 Shoulder Bag

NPL-679 No. Shoulder Bag

NPL-673A No.221 Sling Bag

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