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You can stay connected with NaTree


You can stay connected with NaTree

Brand Story

At NATREE, wooden craft always come with a touch of Thai. Under the mother company K.T.Thai Local Product Co., Ltd., NATREE has become a leading manufacturer and exporter of wooden kitchenware and decorative items in Thailand.
Since 1965, the brand has grown in strength and reputation in the aspects of product quality and service commitments, providing customers with the highest level of satisfaction. Another key component that sets NATREE apart is keeping up with the everchanging market trends, creating new designs, new colors and new styles for customization demands. NATREEā€™s creations can be found in the international markets such as the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Maker Story

With over 50 years experience, NATREE has truly become the expert in wooden craft creations, delivering only the very best from Thailand to the world. Working in partnership with customers, the mission is always to deliver the highest level of satisfaction. Because happiness is homemade, and quality is handmade! NATREE is open for explore endless wooden creations with you.

Product Gallery

Acacia Wooden Cutting Board

Acacia Wooden Salad Bowl

Teak Carving Table

Teak Wooden Cat Carving

Teak Elephant Carving Table

Teak Wooden Carving Lamp

Teak Wooden Carving Elephant

Teak Wooden Pineapple Bowl

Teak Wooden Plate

Teak Wooden Leaf Tray

Teak Wooden Bowl

Teak Wooden Compartment Tray

Acacia 3-tier Wooden Cake

Acacia & Rubber Wooden Tray

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