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You can stay connected with Niramit


You can stay connected with Niramit

Brand Story

In Thai, Niramit means “Making things happen suddenly”. This is a key message that the brand would like to deliver to the world. Niramit can turn a sleepless person into a ‘sleep-tight’ and restful person in an instant. After allowing Niramit latex pillows to be a part of every night of sleep, all patrons will start sleeping deeper throughout the night, never experiencing a sleepless night again. Originating from the Nonthaburi province, it is the only rubber pillow brand that proudly holds Nonthaburi citizenship and is delighted to represent Thailand. Niramit promises to bring happiness to everyone’s life.

Maker Story

Thailand has continuously been the world’s leading natural rubber exporting country. Here’s a little language lesson: The Thai word for ‘Pillow’ is ‘Mon’. ‘Mon Yan Para’ is one of the rubber latex products that gives so many Thai goods a great reputation. Another famous ‘Mon’ can be found in ‘Monthong Durian’, the king of fruit that is exclusively found in Thailand, yet well-known by people around the world. With a commitment to presenting the spirit of Thainess, Niramit has integrated these two charms together to create premium products for every customer’s quality sleep.

Product Gallery

Natural latex pillow Knobby

Natural latex pillow Contour

Natural latex pillow Durian

Natural latex pillow Heart

Natural latex pillow Standard

Natural latex pillow Bolster

Natural latex pillow Kid L

Natural latex pillow Kid M

Natural latex pillow Baby Donut

Natural latex pillow Baby Flat

Natural latex pillow Baby Bolster

Natural latex pillow Neck Support

Natural latex pillow Back Support

Natural latex pillow Standard Shredded

Natural latex pillow Neck Support Shredded

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