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You can stay connected with nuaynard


You can stay connected with nuaynard

Brand Story

NUAYNARD is a lifestyle brand based in Sub Sri Chan, a small village in Isan, the northeast of Thailand. All of the products are hand-crafted in their local studio, using only natural local resources. The brand originated as a design studio for skincare products, but has now expanded its product line to include lifestyle products that are still founded on the belief that only sustainable, locally-sourced materials should be used. To do their part in saving the planet, NUAYNARD has applied the principle of reuse in its every step of its production process.

Maker Story

NUAYNARD believes in working in good harmony within the community and taking care of the environment that surrounds us. The ISAN materials collection is made from abundant sandstone that has been leftover from Buddha carvings by local stonemasons from Sub Sri Chan Village (Sikhio, Nakhon Ratchasima Province). Not only is this incredible material sustainably sourced, but it also adds vibrant colors and unique patterns to each product. To support local communities, NUAYNARD has been working in collaboration with villagepeople for more than five years, kindling a deeper appreciation of local materials and the skill of local craftsmen.

Product Gallery

Aroma Candle – Chuen Jit Scent

Aroma Candle – Chuen Jai Scent

Aroma Candle – Inner Peace Scent

Aroma Candle – Sound Of Nature Scent

Sandstone Diffuser – Chuen Jit Scent

Sandstone Diffuser – Chuen Jai Scent

Sandstone Diffuser – Inner Peace Scent

Sandstone Diffuser – Sound Of Nature Scent

Mountain Sandstone – Chuen Jit Scent

Mountain Sandstone – Chuen Jai Scent

Mountain Sandstone – Inner Peace Scent

Mountain Sandstone – Sound Of Nature Scent

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