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You can stay connected with O-Spa


You can stay connected with O-Spa

Brand Story

O-SPA has deep and rich meanings behind the name. ‘O-SPA’ is an anagram of the word ‘SOAP’ which is the very first basis for body cleanliness and relaxation for human beings. In addition, ’O’ and ‘SPA’ reflect the image of a brand offering impressive goods that are more than just common spa products. O-SPA offers natural products that serve not only the body and mind, but the spirit of whoever uses them. One of the many things that makes our products desirable for all is our foundational goal to create spa products that bring about the best of all possible Thainess.

Maker Story

Here at O-SPA, we believe that real beauty comes from within. Our success is driven by our goal of giving customers the very best quality products. O-SPA devotes itself to promoting and enriching customers’ well-being in all aspects of life, and that good health leads to a good life. With all loving care from the maker, ‘O-SPA’ operates its business with sincerity, quality, and integrity to deliver what everyone needs.

Product Gallery

Handmade Scrub Soaps – Honey & Lemongrass

Handmade Scrub Soaps – Shea butter & Coconut

Glycerin Handmade Soap – Orange Jasmine

Glycerin Handmade Soap – Jasmine

Moisturising Body Cream – Orange Jasmine

Moisturising Body Cream – Jasmine

Pamper Me Baby Soap – Shea Butter & Coconut

Pamper Me Shampoo & Body Wash – Shea Butter & Coconut

Pamper Me Body Lotion – Shea Butter & Coconut

Pamper Me Body Foam – Shea Butter & Coconut

Scrub me magic charcoal powder for foot and body

Scrub me aromatic mineral sea salt

Nurture Me : Balancing Shampoo and conditioner

Milky whip Foam Soap – holiday

Milky whip Foam Soap – Rise up

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