On-Time Wall Clock

On-Time Wall Clock

Time.. reinterpreted.


You can stay connected with On-Time Wall Clock


You can stay connected with On-Time Wall Clock

Brand Story

When a designer wants a wall clock but nothing out there seems interesting enough, a new kind of clock is born. Traditional wall clocks, though doing the job of time-telling, are often hard to install and not clearly visible. The idea of “On-time Wall Clock” was conceived guided by ease, simplicity and great aesthetics. It’s “Smart Installation”, without the need to drill or use screws on the wall. It’s “Clear Visibility” as the On-Time Wall Clock can be placed and stands out on any type of surface whether it be glass, steel, marble, wallpaper, or any dry flat wall. It’s “Simple Aesthetics” that add a touch of design to any space.

Maker Story

Behind this creative time-teller is Panurat Sangthean. He started his design career as a mobile phone designer who has a strong passion for simple yet functional designs. The On-Time Wall Clock was born in 2007 and since then, this time-teller has grown in its popularity and can be spotted in many beautiful spaces and beautiful homes around the world. Time has never been so cool.

Product Gallery

Wall Clock V1 Black Red

Wall Clock V1 Gray

Wall Clock V1 White Marble

Wall Clock V1 Night Glow

Wall Clock V1 Rainbow

Wall Clock V1 Rose Gold

Wall Clock V1 Wooden

Wall Clock V1 Red

Wall Clock V2 Gray Black

Wall Clock V2 Night Glow

Wall Clock V2 Black Red

Wall Clock V2 Rose Gold

Wall Clock V2 Gray Seagreen

Wall Clock V2 Black White

Wall Clock V2 Black Yellow

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