Natural health is all in the ‘Mud’.


You can stay connected with PHU KLON


You can stay connected with PHU KLON

Brand Story

Hidden in the luscious hills of Northern Thailand in Mae Hong Son province is a wealth of healthy abundance and endless discoveries of natural wonders. Known as an ecotourism destination, rich in traditions, this is a source for PHU KLON, mineral mud, and mineral spring water that are emitted from an underground source that is rich with minerals, creating mud and clay that is highly beneficial for human health and skin. A powerful remedy that comes straight from nature.

Maker Story

PHU KLON had a very remarkable start. In 1995, the mud in Mae Sanga hot spring was discovered by expert geologists who found this hot spot in the middle of a rice field, where the hot spring water flows into a creek nearby. Villagers claimed that this hot spring could relieve stress and heal the body. Scientists found many beneficial minerals in the water and the mud, which are great for the skin. Since then, the hot spring and the surrounding area have become popular among the locals and geologists alike. In 2000, the “PHU KLON Country Club” was established and has since become one of Mae Hong Son’s great tourist attractions.

Product Gallery

Phu Klon Mineral Hair Spa Serum For Anti Hair Loss

Phu Klon Mineral Hair Spa Shampoo For Anti-hair Loss

Phu Klon Mineral Multi Organic Anti-aging Cream

Phu Klon Facial Mineral Black Mud Foam

Youth Facial Mineral Silk Plus Organic Rose Serum

Phu Klon Pure Mineral Gel Plus Organic Alovera

Phu Klon Pure Mineral Water Beauty Spray 100%

Phu Klon Mineral Mud Cleansing Bar

Phu Klon Pure Mineral Mud Spa Powder Natural 100%

Phu Klon Mineral Spa Moisturizing Cream

Phu Klon Mineral Facial Foam

Phu Klon Facial Detoxifying Black Mud Mask

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