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You can stay connected with PHUTAWAN


You can stay connected with PHUTAWAN

Brand Story

In 1999, the PHUTAWAN brand was founded on a keen interest and belief in the power of medicinal plants and the organic local ingredients of Thailand. It started from experimenting with soaps that suited the needs of friends and family but then it grew. In 2004, the first small shop branch was opened and PHUTAWAN was trademarked and the brand grew even more. 2015 marks another milestone where PHUTAWAN’s new factory was established and eventually certified with GMP and ISO22716 standards.

Through it all, the innovation never stopped. PHUTAWAN continuously develops new products and drives the reach of these natural alternatives to people in all corners of the world.

Maker Story

Chatchai Wongmanarojsri started the journey of PHUTAWAN in 1999. Curiosity and Innovation runs deep inside him, always passionate in finding new ways and coming up with new ideas. From soaps for the family, it rapidly grew into a wide array of products that, at the core, are always natural and safe. Always striving for the highest quality, this approach is passed on to the PHUTAWAN team to ensure that every step of the production is of the most natural and the highest quality.

Product Gallery

Coconut Shower Gel

Coconut Hair Shampoo

Coconut Hair Conditioner

Coconut Hair Treatment

Coconut Body Lotion

Coconut Hair Serum

Coconut Butter Body Scrub

Coconut Hydrating Butter

Coconut Hand and Foots Salt Scrub

Cocomate Natural Premium Toothpaste

Organic Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Organic Good Night Pillow Spray

Organic Dust Mite Spray

Lemongrass Reed Diffuser

Oriental Herb Shower Gel

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