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Ranong Tea

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You can stay connected with Ranong Tea


You can stay connected with Ranong Tea

Brand Story

Ranong Tea is all about good health. With a vision to promote the goodness of Thai herbs to the world, Ranong Tea has elevated traditional Thai herbs to become a mix for the ultimate healthy drink. The “Mulberry Tea”, one of Ranong Tea’s hero drinks, was developed with a unique formula to help reduce fat effectively in blood vessels, minimize blood sugar levels and help maintain good blood pressure. Being health-focused has propelled the brand into becoming one of the first and largest manufacturer and exporters in the tea category – offering fine quality product in the forms of tea leaf, tea powder and tea sachets.

Maker Story

“Ranong Tea” originated from a Thai-Chinese family business in
1985, led by Mrs. Sirilak Chaiwatanamethin, a certified traditional pharmacist from Ministiy of Public Health Traditional Medicine from Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University’s Faculty of Traditional Thai Medicine in 2007. Inspired by a keen interest in traditional Thai herbs and medicines, the well-known pharmacist introduced natural herbal tea of the “Thevi” brand to the public about 32 years ago. However, using herbs was not really popular at that time and only the elderly appeared to have had a sufficient interest in the product.

Product Gallery

Instant Ginger Drink Less Sugar 50% Honey

Instant Ginger Drink Less Sugar 50% Original

Instant Ginger Drink Less Sugar 50% Strong

Instant Ginger Drink No Sugar Added

Instant Thai Tea Mix

Instant Matcha Green Tea Latte

Instant Lemon lime Thai Tea Mix

Herbal Tea drink with Green Tea

Herbal Tea drink with Apple

Herbal Tea Drink with Chrysanthemum

Organic Lemongrass Tea

Orgaic Lemongrass Pandan

Organic Lemongrass Mulberry

Icy Tea Tox Mix Berry

Icy Tea Tox Honey Lemon

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