The new epitome of luxurious rest.


You can stay connected with RESTIER


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You can stay connected with RESTIER

Brand Story

RESTIER is a leading Thai brand of natural Latex bedding luxuries. Equipped with dedicated research and a passionate product development team to understand the modern needs of luxurious sleep.

RESTIER has created an indulgent selection of award-winning and regionally acclaimed bedding and bed furnishing products, combining the superb quality of Thai natural Latex with superior ergonomics design, innovation and ‘green’ manufacturing, infused with the meticulous spirit of Thai artisans.

Renowned for its uncompromising stance on luxurious quality and purist belief of a true ‘renewal’ through nature’s purity, RESTIER is being fast recognized as a leading international ‘green’ luxury brand, relevant to modern day living indulgences.

Maker Story

Beyond comfort and rest, Restier is the new epitome of luxurious rest, targeting customers who value health and sleep quality and want to buy premium mattresses and bedding sets.

True rest and renewal of the mind-body-and-soul are achieved in the hours of sleep that are precious in the midst of stress and the fast-paced modern urban living. This is staying true to the concept of preserving the best that nature offers.

Product Gallery

Scarf Pillow Foxy

Scarf Pillow Black Foxy

Scarf Pillow Butterfly Sparkle

Scarf Pillow Mandarin duck

Scarf Pillow Panthera Leopard

Scarf Pillow Afirican Giraffe

Scarf Pillow Savannah Leopard

Scarf Pillow Tribal Rabbit

Scarf Pillow Flying Squirrels

Scarf Pillow Velvet Monkey

Scarf Pillow Bengal Tiger

Scarf Pillow Pan Pan Elephant

Scarf Pillow Pippa Pig

Scarf Pillow Siamese Cat

Scarf Pillow Muticus Peacock

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