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You can stay connected with Saprang

Brand Story

More than just a piece of jewelry, Saprang’s work is a design that is distilled from thought and expertise, well crafted into perfection. At its heart, the Saprang brand stays true to the literal meaning of its moniker in Thai – ‘blooming’ – whereby organic, floral patterns are fused with silversmith techniques to create truly unique jewelry-art designs. Designs and inspirations are blended to be Saprang’s crafted jewelry in the most natural way. Their bracelets, necklaces and earrings are made from brass and take the form of Mother Nature’s flowers and leaves.

Maker Story

“All our jewelry is handmade. Some pieces may look a little crude but they are very detailed.” Elements in nature have been key to all the designers’ ideas since Saprang was founded by the two Silpakorn University’s decorative arts graduates in 2006. Saprang’s founders – Sirikarn Jirajbhaskornkul and Supot Suwannasing are well known for their bespoke jewelry creations, which they personally craft to perfection. They may have graduated from Silpakorn University’s decorative arts faculty but Sirikan and Supot do not believe in putting things on paper. They prefer playing with materials in designing their handcrafted jewelry. The brand, which was founded in 2007, took part in the Talent Thai project and later made its public debut at the Bangkok International Gifts and Houseware Fairs.

Product Gallery

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