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You can stay connected with Satira


You can stay connected with Satira

Brand Story

Satira means “Longevity of Happiness”. The meaning reflects the brand’s true belief in bringing authentically Thai ways of herbal wisdom to promote well-being and longevity of life – creating the synergy between physical and mental harmony for all.
Specializing in rejuvenation using Thai herbs since 1999, Satira has carefully selected indigenous raw materials to assure an authentic experience and quality Thai herbal spa products always. Satira passionately believes in the power of legendary Thai herbs that can heal and rejuvenate lifelong physical-mental holistic wellness, fusing passion with Thai wisdom heritage to create Authentic herbal Recipes that bring the longevity of well-being into everyday life.

Maker Story

“In the midst of a hectic everyday world, Satira constantly seeks solutions that rebalance your physical & mental well-being and our favorite route is always the authentic natural way.” said SATIRA founder Chariya Xanthavanij. A product of passion in Traditional Thai Medicine from generation to generations. It is the knowledge inherited from Chariya’s father – a herb merchant, to her mother and then passed onto her during the post -natal care of her own first born. Chariya was utterly impressed and inspired by the brilliant benefits of Thai herbs and the experience of providing the very best to the loved ones. Satira was named after her first child. This signifies love, compassion and commitment to nurture the brand eternally.

Product Gallery

Purifying Hand Cream Baba Phuket

Purifying Hand Cream Precious Jasmine

Purifying Hand Cream Fantasy Freesia

Purifying Hand Cream Exotic Lemongrass

Purifying Hand Cream Sensual Rose

Massage Oil Anti Cellulite

Perfume Reed Diffuser Tropical Sunrise

Massage Oil Thai Plai

Massage Oil Rose

Samui Coconut 3 in 1 Shampoo, Body Wash, Bubble Bath

Samui Coconut Intensive Moisturizing Lotion

Samui Coconut Moisturizing Glycerin Soap

Purifying Hand Cream Organic Lavender

Perfume Reed Diffuser Orchid Sandalwood

Perfume Reed Diffuser Lemongrass

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