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You can stay connected with S&P

Brand Story

Welcome to the world of S&P, Thailand’s trusted restaurant & bakery house with footprints in both domestic and overseas markets. S&P serves customers with over 500 retail outlets, offers delivery and catering services, and packaged products in leading retail chains and supports B2B customers with super quality products. The company pays great attention to detail where quality, freshness, hygiene, and safety are at the heart of its operations. Only the very best ingredients are selected and turned into creative menus by professional chefs. S&P will be the place that fulfills your taste of life.

Maker Story

Established in 1973 by the Sila-On and Raiva families, S&P is one of Thailand’s most renowned restaurant and bakery chains today. It is known for its high-quality food, frozen ready-to-eat meals, and bakery products. For 46 years, the S&P restaurant and bakery business operation are committed to delivering good taste and services to all of the customers. S&P Group is an excellent example of a successful food business operator in both the domestic market and overseas. The Company is a Thai Food Cultural Ambassador by expanding branches abroad in the form of direct investments and joint investments with local partners. The Company has 17 restaurants abroad spanning five countries – UK, Switzerland, Austria, China, and Cambodia.

Product Gallery

Asian Fried Noodles

Fried Rice with Chestnuts

Green Curry with Gaba Rice

Red Curry with Jusmine Rice

Assorted beans in hot syrup

Taro Pearls in coconut cream

Banana in Coconut Cream

Black Sesame Dumplings in Ginger Syrup

Sago and Black Beans in Coconut Cream

Glutinous Rice with Durian in Coconut Cream

Baked Taro Custard

Frozen Cake

Jelio Jelly


Moon cake

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