Stories of Silver & Silk

Stories of Silver & Silk

True Beauty from imperfection, simplicity and serenity.


You can stay connected with Stories of Silver & Silk


You can stay connected with Stories of Silver & Silk

Brand Story

Stories of Silver & Silk’s vision is to preserve Thai local crafts – a true believer of deeper meaning behind things that are born from ancestral knowledge and in harmony with local customs. Products made in such a way do so much more than just bring pleasure, they also promote a sustainable community. The brand’s jewelry and accessories are handcrafted in 95-99% silver by Karen hilltribe artisans in northern Thailand without any plating. With a higher silver content than sterling silver, Karen silver has a weight, bright satin color and feel of its own. Every piece from Stories of Silver & Silk portrays the beauty of imperfection, simplicity, and serenity.

Maker Story

Stories of Silver & Silk’s creations derives from the collaboration of 2 continents – Asia and Europe. With the love of simplicity, realness, and serenity from handcrafting, immersing in nature, and living the simple way of life, the 2 founders came together to co-create the work that connected artisans and their communities to consumers.

Each design piece tells a story (hence the name) of who created it or how it was born, thus connecting the artist and the product to the consumer.

Titapa Tanskul, a Bangkok native designer; and Lucija Perko, a Slovenian born designer, who share the passion to preserve local arts and crafts, in collaboration with Ekachai Keawtia and the silversmith community in Lamphun, the master of the art of karen hilltribe silver making.

Product Gallery

Multi-strand Earrings

Multi-strand Bracelet

Multi-strand Necklace

Single Strand Necklace/ Bracelet

Gingko Earrings 1

Gingko Earrings 2

Gingko Earrings 3

Gingko Hairpin

Gingko Broach

Leaf Hairpin

Silver Chain Necklace

Silver Chain Bracelet

Slate Broach

Leaf Chopstick

Line Chopstick

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