The true taste and authentic culture of Thai food.


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You can stay connected with THAI BOY

Brand Story

THAI BOY is great Thai food… it is a brand under the company Penta Impex founded in 1983, considered one of the leading quality food processors and exporters in Thailand.

Through many years of experience and a strong commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction, the brand works closely with customers worldwide to develop innovative product ideas with flavors and tastes to suit different markets in different continents. THAI BOY continues to expand the range of products to respond to changing market needs.

The brand is represented by a happy little boy in a nice traditional Thai suit, greeting you with the ‘Thai Wai’, transporting the beautiful culture of Thailand to the world.

Maker Story

With the experience, resources, and capabilities accumulated over the years, THAI BOY and Penta Impex are capable of mass customization with solid cost planning to support customers’ needs.

It has become a reliable solution provider for food products that customers can always count on. With products available in four main core categories: Condiments & Sauces, Fine Pickles, Frozen Foods, and Oriental Spices & Dried Foods, THAI BOY can offer a great variety of selections and pack sizes to serve the retail industry, catering services, and industrial uses.

Product Gallery

Tom Yum Paste 230 g

Tom Yum Paste 500 g

Yellow Curry Paste 230 g

Instant Green Curry Paste 230 g

Instant Red Curry Paste 230 g

Instant Thai Tom Kha Soup Paste 230 g

Thai Spicy & Sour Vegetable Curry Paste 230 g

Pad Thai Paste 230 g

Thai Spicy BBQ Sauce 280 g

Papaya Salad Dressing 300 g

Seasoning Mix For Stir Fry Curry Crab 280 g

Black Pepper Sauce 300 g

Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce 300 g

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce 300 g

Thai Salad Dressing 300 g

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