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You can stay connected with Wel-B


You can stay connected with Wel-B

Brand Story

At the heart of it all is the word ‘Family’. Wel-B by the Joe-Ry Family creates hearty snacks from the best selection that is always safe and healthy. Many of us struggle with the temptation of enjoying the occasional guilty snacks that are high carb, high sugar, and often full of baddies. Wel-B is created using only quality Thai fruits through the method of freeze-drying. The results? 100% natural fruit snacks without the baddies of added oils, sugar, and other additives while keeping the nutritional values intact. Rest assured that this family welcomes everyone who wants to be a part of this hearty & healthy lifestyle choice.

Maker Story

Leading this family creation is Nathawut Paopreecha, the founder and Managing Director of Joe-Ry Family Co., Ltd. The vision is clear; it’s to sustainably run the business by integrating advanced innovations with the best natural ingredients in the most natural way possible – the freeze-dried process. It is considered the most optimal way to preserve natural nutrients in a wide array of fruits, from mangos and durians to peaches and strawberries. Wel-B.. a truly blissful way to snack!

Product Gallery

Wel-B Freeze-dried Apple 12 g

Wel-B Golden Fruit Freeze-dried Durian Monthong Yuan Bao 75 g

Wel-B Freeze-dried Organic Pineapple 18 g

Wel-B Freeze-dried Strawberry 14 g

Wel-B Freeze-dried Strawberry+Banana 16 g

Wel-B Freeze-dried Sweet Corn 15 g

Wel-B Freeze-dried Yogurt Apple 42 g

Wel-B Freeze-dried Yogurt Mixed Berry 42 g

Wel-B Freeze-dried Yogurt Strawberry 42 g

Wel-B Milk Tablet Sweeted Flavour 50 g

Wel-B Instant Ice Cream Mix 80 g

Wel-B Freeze-dried Durain 30 g

Wel-B Dehydrated Mango 75 g

Wel-B Organic Freeze-dried Banana 18 g

Wel-B Freeze-dried Coconut 30 g

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