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You can stay connected with YARNNAKARN


You can stay connected with YARNNAKARN

Brand Story

Yarnnakarn, a ceramic studio based in Bangkok, is known for its unique use of materials and concepts. All of our nostalgic art objects channel the diversity of and coexistence between humans and nature. From material exploration to experimental techniques, each piece has a detailed story. Crafting a one-by-one masterpiece made with natural clays gathered from various locations in Thailand, we also use non-toxic glazes with variations in temperature and moisture. These certified classics are quality assured with certification for Food Safety by U.S. Cal Prop 65 and Japan Food Sanitation Act.

Maker Story

Founder and ceramic artist Karin Phisolyabut has unleashed his creativity in many places locally and globally, from art exhibitions and festivals to 5-star-restaurants and hotels. The melding of his level of refinement with his interest in genuine and artificial creations lead him to explore how nature interacts with spaces. Blending concepts with craftsmanship, he creates strong-yet-fragile, life-like entities that reflect society in the form of sculpture, decorative art, and tableware.

Product Gallery

Curious Hare Hook

Hare Candle Holder

Hare Trophy Tin & Stand

Taper Antler Candle Holder I

Butterfly Trophy

Rhino Bug Trophy

Hand I

Think Vase

Pillow Utensil Resting

Dessert Capote L

Tea Cup II

Oceanic Bust Vase

Spider Crab Set

Oyster Pearl Set

Venus Dione Set

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